What Is Frontier University?

Frontier University is a “QUANGO” – a QUasi Non Governmental Organization and an:

– International accredited Charter University founded in April 17, 1982 -under the
Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms – Section 28 – Dissentient

Specializing in Master Degrees in the Arts, Social Sciences, Humanities, and General Masters of Business Administration – M.O.F.O.S.M. (Marketing, Organization, Finances, Operations, Staffing, Management).

with a Memorandum of   Understanding with Advanced Academic College (Accredited – circa 1975 in    accordance with the British North America Act – 1867. Section 93 – Dissentient School)  to accept their General Education Development (GED) graduates for Masters’ Degrees, and an understanding with Frontier College, Toronto.

To Register for a Free Research
Masters’ Degree at an ON LINE pro-active, co-operative and collegial university
for developing your I.T. Information into Knowlege, Understanding, and
the  Wisdom of a Research Thesis

Contact the Registrar, e-mail kilbeydavid@hotmail.com

99% of the population is a potential Master!

Which potential MASTER are you? [Check one or more]:

Movement smart. E.g., the peerless Martha Graham.
[Or Michael Jordan.]

Know thyself! Understand the importance of the
inner workings of the mind/soul. Case in point: Freud/Jung.

Yet another wholly different way of imagining the world …
epitomized by Leonard Bernstein or Igor Stravinsky.”

Another … completely different … way to view the world …
exemplars: Picasso/Lloyd-Wright.

This IS The one that counts almost exclusively – in the pantheon of student/employee evaluation. It’s I.Q. E.g. Einstein/Planck. However, these others have as much, if not more validity:

Relationships rule! Great sales people understand.
And so does Bill Clinton [ a peerless salesperson …love him or hate him!]and Mohandas Ghandi.

The beautiful and powerful use of language to illuminate complex truths …or move masses. E.g. Churchill/Hitler/D.H. Lawrence.

______ If NONE OF THE ABOVE, THEN WHAT? _”Critical Theory”?_________

Have a look at Wiley’s DUMMIES’ texts for other Masters’ ideas.

2011 -2012  programme – Open Entry

Master of Arts, Social Sciences, Humanities, Fine Arts, and a General Master of Business Administration (Marketing, Organization, Finances, Operations, Staffing, Management – M.O.F.O.S.M.)

Thesis Defense before four Referees: One Friendly, Two Frontier University,  and One External Referee.


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